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Control the entire house with a tap, a spoken command, or no command at all. Make your house a smart home with help from BriteBox Electrical.

Smart locks to let your child in the house remotely while you’re at work, a thermostat that can be adjusted with a simple voice command, and lights that can be turned on and off all at once with just one tap of your cell phone–smart home automation from BriteBox makes your life much more convenient.

Professional Home Automation Controls For Your Metro Atlanta Home

With smart-home technology, you can control your home’s lights, door locks, and thermostats from your phone or with a simple voice command. Smart plugs can turn appliances off and on according to a schedule you set. A motion sensor in your bedroom can even trigger the coffee maker to start your morning brew. When it comes to modern home automation, technology exists for pretty much any task you can think of that would make your life a little easier. 

Top Reasons Homeowners Choose BriteBox
For Smart-Home Controls

With home automation controls installed by BriteBox, you can operate the entire house with a tap, a spoken command, or no command at all. 

No need for separate apps. 
You can operate the thermostat, light switches, door locks, alarm system, and more from just one app on your smartphone or tablet. 

We program your home to know when you’re there and when you’re away.
We can program more than just your air conditioner to know when you’re away from home. With our smart-home controls system, your home can know to turn on the outside at sunset or even as you’re pulling in the driveway. Or, when you leave, your doors can be programmed to lock, lights turned off, and the security system activated to protect your home while you’re away.

Our smart-home scenes make life effortless and enjoyable.
Your home theater can be programmed to automatically dim the lights when a movie starts. With the tap of the app, your backyard can be filled with music and illuminated by landscaping lighting. We can create scenes that make your life effortless and enjoyable.

Why should I choose BriteBox to install my smart-home controls?

Here are a few reasons Atlanta-area residents trust BriteBox for their home automation and smart-home control needs:

  • When you call us, you’ll always speak with a live person who is an employee of BriteBox Electrical Services.

  • All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We’re a locally owned and operated electrical contractor with offices throughout the Atlanta metro area.

  • We take the time to meet with you and understand your needs so we can create custom solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.

  • We only install quality products, and we only employ trained and knowledgeable electricians.

  • We offer 1-year parts and labor warranty on all of the products we install.

  • Our service maintenance agreements will save you money.

  • BriteBox Electrical is part of the trusted Coolray family of companies.

You can control your entire house from anywhere. We can even teach it to
control itself. Contact BriteBox today!

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