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Any security camera can record video; that’s their job, after all.

But a smart security camera does more. It can:

  • Broadcast live video
  • Send video alerts
  • Store video in the cloud

Below, we’ll show you what each of these things are and what makes them so great.

Broadcast live video

What it is: Live video means the camera lets you see exactly what’s happening in your home right now. The best cameras also let you pan, tilt and zoom the camera from your computer or mobile device.

Why it’s smart: With a live feed, your security camera can be transformed into a:

  • Baby monitor — Check on your little ones from another room so you don’t disturb their slumber.
  • Nanny cam — Leaving the kids with a new babysitter? Use live video to make sure everything’s going great.
  • Pet sitter — Check up on Fido when you’re on a trip or at work.
  • Remote peephole — Use a video camera at your front door to see who rang the doorbell.

Send video alerts

What it is: A smart security camera paired with your other home automation sensors can send you video alerts of important events at your home.

Why it’s smart: Text alerts and notifications are great at telling you what happened. Video alerts go a step further by telling you why they happened.

For example, if you have an alarm on your front door and it’s tripped, your security system will send you a notification. But you’re left to guess what caused the alarm. Is it a break-in or did someone forget their code?

But if you pair notification is paired with a video of what just happened, you know whether you need to call the cops or disarm the system for your husband.

Video alerts can also give you peace of mind. For example, you can get a video confirmation when your kids get home from school so you know they’re safe.

Store video in the cloud

What it is: When the smart security camera records, it stores the recorded video in the cloud. That means it’s safely and securely stored so you can access it anywhere and at anytime.

Why it’s smart: Traditional security cameras stored recorded video on-site (usually on a hard drive or video tape). If a burglar knew that, they could just swipe the recordings to avoid being identified later by police.

But with cloud storage, there’s no way for them to erase the recordings. Your recordings are safe, even in the event of a home fire or other catastrophic event at your home.

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