5 Uses For Security Cameras (Besides Catching Burglars)


When most people think of “security cameras’ they think of catching burglars in the act.

But they also have other awesome uses as well.

Here are 5.

  1. Keep an eye on your pets
    Got a furry loved one that you have to leave alone for the day? See what they’re up to from your smartphone using a security camera.
  2. Keep an eye on the baby sitter
    Keep your babysitter honest by placing a security camera in your home.

    You may think, “No, my babysitter is a good person! Why would I need a security camera?”

    But keep in mind these 2 stories.

    A babysitter that was recommended by a friend abused this family’s child by slapping the child, hitting him and slamming him down on the ground.

    A baby sitter who had glowing reviews abused a mother’s twins by flinging them around like bales of hay and carrying them around like a football.

    Luckily, both families had security cameras set up to see what was going on.
  3. Use it as a baby monitor
    Want to make sure your bundle of joy is sleeping soundly without needing to go in and accidentally wake him or her up? Put a security camera in the baby’s room and see what’s going on via your smartphone or tablet.
  4. As a remote peep hole for your front door
    Want to see who is at the front door without getting up? Want to see if the important package is home yet?

    Keep a security camera at your front door.
  5. Lowering your insurance premium
    According to Farmers Insurance, one of the top 5 ways to reduce your homeowner insurance premiums includes, “Make your home safer.”

    Of course, adding security cameras may not lower your homeowner insurance premium. But you won’t know unless you ask!

    Want to include security cameras in a cutting-edge smart security system?

    Contact BriteBox for a free estimate.

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