9 Tasks You Can Automate That Will Make Your Life Easier (& Make You Cooler)

Stop doing boring, repetitive tasks. Automate them!

Here are 9 everyday tasks you can automate that will make your life easier (and make your neighbors jealous of your sweet tech).

  1. Turning on your entire home entertainment system

    Stop fiddling with 7 remotes. Just push a single button that automatically turns on all your devices and sets them to the right channels and inputs.

    Bonus: You can also have your lights automatically dim when you’re watching a movie!

  2. Making your morning cup of Joe

    Making coffee every morning isn’t a huge task. But what if it was done for you? You wake up, walk to the kitchen and your cup of coffee is perfectly brewed and waiting for you.

  3. Locking your doors at night (and when you leave your home)

    With smart locks and triggers, you can have your home lock your doors for you every night.

    And you can also use geofencing or motion sensors to detect when no one is home and lock everything up for you.

  4. Turning your thermostat up/down to save energy

    Turning your thermostat back when no one is home can save some serious cash. But it can also be a pain in the butt to remember.

    A smart thermostat like the Nest takes care of it for you.

  5. Arming your security system

    You can use motion sensors and/or geofencing to let your home know when no one is there and have it arm the security system for you.

  6. Turning off your lights

    Have your house turn off all the lights automatically whenever you leave your home or go to bed.

  7. Opening and closing your blinds and curtains

    Want to wake up naturally with the sun? You can have your blinds automatically open and help you wake up in the mornings. Or you can have the blinds automatically shut to keep heat out.

  8. Turning on the lights in the room you walk into

    Instead of fumbling for a light switch in a darkened room, you can have your house intelligently light up the rooms as you enter.

  9. Remembering to shut the garage door

    How many times have you made it to work and wondered if you shut the garage door? Create an alert that sends you a text or email when the garage door is left open, and no one is home. Then close the garage door from your phone!

Bringing it all together

These are all cool ways to automate your life. But the real magic of home automation is bringing them all together.

For example, you can automate your entire nightly routine. With one push of a “goodnight” button, your home can:

  • Lock all your exterior doors
  • Turn off all the lights in your home (except the kid’s nightlights)
  • Arm your security system
  • Turn back the thermostat on your air conditioning/heating system
  • Make sure the garage door is shut

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