Can A Smart Thermostat Save Me Money?


From the Amazon Echo to the Google Home device, “smart home” technology has taken the world by storm. If you’re not ready to take the full tech plunge by inviting Alexa into your home, smart thermostats are a great way to test the waters while also having a big, positive impact on your daily life. These devices connect to your in-home Wi-Fi and your HVAC system to always provide the perfect temperature for optimal comfort and higher energy efficiency.

The best part about smart thermostats? If used properly, they can save you money.

What is the Setup and How Do They Work?

Smart thermostats consist of three components. The first is plugged into your furnace or boiler, which has to be compatible with the smart thermostat system. The second is the thermostat and control panel unit. Together, these two pieces communicate through the wired thermostat and your in-home Wi-Fi. The third component of a smart thermostat system is the smartphone app you download. The app gives you the ability to control the settings of your thermostat even if you’re away from the house.

Here are a few other really awesome features of smart thermostats that make your life easier:

  • Some smart thermostats can learn about homeowners’ temperature preferences. Because of this feature and their ability to adjust the temperature automatically, they can change the temperature to help you sleep more comfortably or help you reduce your energy consumption when no one is home.
  • They keep track of the temperature in your home through data that you can view and make any changes if necessary.
  • You never have to worry about making sure your smart thermostat stays up to date. The control panel downloads updates to the software to ensure that your system is taking advantage of the device’s built-in energy-saving features.

How Can a Smart Thermostat Save Me Money?

Many smart thermostats claim to be able to save you anywhere between 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling. Why is this? They make it far easier to do automated setbacks, a method used to help reduce costs by changing the temperature in your house based on the time of the day.

However, there are a few details that can make those numbers different for everyone. Consider your current energy usage, the cost of utilities in your region, our local area’s seasonal variations, Atlanta’s climate, as well as your home and your HVAC system itself.

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