Electrical Safety Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home


Preparing for a new arrival can be stressful, but BriteBox Electrical is here to help with some electrical safety tips to baby-proof your home. There’s no substitute for proper supervision, but taking these steps will help your curious baby be safer.

From Baby’s Point of View

The first thing you should do is to see what your baby is going to see from the baby’s perspective. Your baby is going to be crawling around on the floor through several different rooms. You should get on all fours and do the same! How else are you going to see the dangers?

Do you see exposed power strips? Any unused outlets? Are there extension cords within reach? Any lamps close to the edge of tables? Take inventory and make note of the possible dangers, then reference the list below.

How to Baby-Proof Everything Electrical

  • Place safety covers on all unused outlets. These are inexpensive and easy for adults to remove; hard for toddlers.
  • Install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI Outlets) on outlets that may be exposed to water. Kitchens, bathrooms, and garages are all prime examples.
  • As much as possible, place furniture in front of outlets to keep them out of your child’s sight
  • Hide your electrical cords with cord covers and run them behind furniture. Do the same with power strips
  • Make sure you are not using extension cords permanently. If you need an outlet where there isn’t one, hire an electrical expert to install a permanent outlet.
  • Store bathroom and kitchen electrical appliances – like hair dryers and toasters – unplugged and out of reach of curious hands.
  • Keep appliances, hair dryers, and cords away from water sources.
  • Hire an electrician to install a smart camera in the nursery so you can check on baby at any time.
  • Teach older kids to recognize symbols that indicate electrical danger, like “Danger – high voltage.” Typically, these signs are branded with a lightning bolt.
  • Add an electrician’s number to your list of important phone numbers on the fridge.
  • If a new baby is on the way, schedule a comprehensive electrical safety inspection for any electrical issues before baby arrives.

We’re Here to Help with Electrical Safety Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home

Take it from us: the best time for you to start baby-proofing your home is before the baby arrives. Professional electricians can help you audit your home for potential issues. BriteBox Electrical Services is your local Atlanta source for electrical services, customized home entertainment systems, home security, and home automation. We’re here to help you baby-proof your home and provide electrical safety tips to keep your family safe.

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