Game On! The Best TV Settings for Watching Sports


We’re heading into a season of highly anticipated sporting events: from NCAA’s March Madness, the start of the Major League Soccer season, and to MLB spring training. If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve optimized your home television settings for the best possible sports viewing experience.

For watching live sports, the best TV settings are those that give the most realistic, natural, and lifelike picture. Here’s how to achieve that!

Best Picture Mode

Many people think you’ll get the best picture when setting your TV to Vivid or Sports Mode. This is actually not the case! It may be preferable in an appliance or electronics shop, but it’s not optimal for home viewing.

To get a consistently realistic and natural-looking picture, make sure your TV is set to the Movie or Cinema mode. This may turn the contrast and brightness settings off. If they’re turned off, you can play around to find out what you like best.


Contrast controls the amount of white color you see on your screen. The best way to adjust the contrast is by looking for a channel where you can see white clouds against a blue sky. The ideal setting will show enough detail to let you see how fluffy the clouds are.

Adjusting the Backlight

If your TV has a backlight setting, it’s the most critical adjustment you have on the device. Controlling the backlight essentially adjusts the brightness. The brightest setting is what you see on televisions in a store. At home, you want to set it so that it’s slightly brighter during the day and darker at night. Your eyes will thank you.

Color Temperature and Color Mode

The factory setting for most flat screen televisions is usually cool or high. If you change the setting to warm or low, the images on your screen may look too red. For the most realistic and lifelike images, adjust the color temperature to warm/low or neutral/mid. The Color Management System (or CMS) on your television allows you to adjust colors separately if you choose to do so.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a home entertainment system that gives you the courtside experience from the comfort of your home, properly adjusting your TV settings is the first step. Interested in taking it one step further? Schedule a free consultation to see all the ways BriteBox can help make your home entertainment dreams a reality.

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