How Home Automation Can Simplify Your Day


Streamlining your day is easier than ever with home automation products.

They can take care of the small annoying tasks at home, empowering you to spend more time on the things that matter most.

Here are a few examples of how home automation products can simplify your day—from morning till night.

Waking up

  • Turn a dark, cold bedroom into a bright, sunny environment with automated blinds that open at a specific time, helping you wake up naturally.
  • Smart thermostats from Carrier and 2GIG can turn the temperature up just before you wake up, getting rid of freezing floors before you first step out of bed.

Leaving home

  • When you and the kids leave for the day, have your smart thermostat automatically adjust and lower power usage, saving you money on each month’s energy bill.
  • Security systems let you monitor every inch of your home with motion-activated cameras, image sensors, door sensors and much more. Never miss a beat—or a package delivery—ever again.

Helping your kids get home from school

  • Remote activated garage doors can easily give your kids access to the garage if you wish.
  • Automated and remote controlled door lock systems guarantee your kids can make it inside (even if they’ve lost their keys) and send alerts right to your phone each time a door is opened, so you can rest easy during the last part of your work day.

Enjoying the evening

  • After getting off work, smart thermostats (Carrier’s COR thermostat) can raise or lower the temperature during your evening commute, so you’ll never have to rush to the thermostat to get the perfect temperature again.
  • Home entertainment packages can make sure all your favourite shows are recorded. Controlling the system doesn’t require any complicated remotes—just your smartphone or tablet.

Going to bed

  • Arm your security system, lock your doors, and turn off all the main lights—automatically.
  • Sleep easier at night knowing that 24/7 emergency response, CO2 and fire detection and other safety services are up and running—even when you’re not.

BriteBox Electrical Services in Atlanta can help you simplify your life

Whether you already own a smart device and are looking to expand, or you’re just getting started with home automation, BriteBox can help make your Atlanta-area home “smarter” with the latest and greatest devices and connected services.

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