Increase Your Home’s Resale Value With Smart Home Automation


Smart home automation not only saves you time, energy, and money; it can also increase your home’s resale value and can facilitate a faster sale. Read on for a few reasons you might want to automate your home before putting it on the market.

A smart home system can tackle the following tasks with ease:

  • Automatically adjusting your thermostat
  • Controlling home security systems and video monitoring
  • Adjusting your home entertainment system from your phone or tablet and playing specific music anywhere in your home
  • Controlling door locks and keyless entry systems. Imagine life with no keys in your pocket.
  • Detecting water leaks or problems with your water heater
  • Raising and lowering your blinds
  • Shutting off your water

If those features sound good to you, imagine how they’ll appeal to a potential buyer wanting a turn-key home. A major advantage of having a home automation system designed and installed by a professional is centralized integration. Centralized integration systems such as RTI, Inc give you a primary point to control the whole home. Who wants to use a myriad of apps when it could all be done in one place? Why struggle with different systems and user interfaces?

A home with a high-tech centralized integration system can increase your home’s resale value by putting it a step above neighboring homes. If your home is fully automated and you’re considering listing it on the market soon, make sure you discuss how your home compares to similar homes in the area with your agent. In the real estate industry, these are called comparable sales, or “comps.”

Comps may include how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has, along with square footage and acreage. (Bonus points if you have a sweet swimming pool and media room.) Highlighting your home as a fully integrated “smart home” is a great way to set it apart from the competition. If a potential buyer tours three comparable houses in the same neighborhood, the home that has a built-in smart security system, thermostats, appliances, and home entertainment systems is going to leave a positive impression in the buyer’s mind.

These “cool factor” details also make the difference in maximizing profit from your home, and selling it faster. According to a survey commissioned by Coldwell Banker and performed by T3 Sixty, 82 percent of realtors said that Smart Home technology streamlines a home sale. Make the smart choice for your home, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of knowing you have made a good investment.

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