Resolve to Save Energy This Year


The new year is finally here. Before you make a list of resolutions, join a gym, and vow to never eat sweets again, consider taking a few steps now to conserve energy and save money. You can even brag to your friends that you’re starting the new year off lean and green (energy-usage wise, at least). Resolve to save energy this year with these three helpful tips:

Switch to LED lights

LED lights use 90 percent less electricity than regular bulbs, making this switch a no-brainer. This energy-saving change will help you save big bucks over the years.

Limit the time you have the lights turned on using smart home automation

Gone are the days when you had to manually turn on lights in your home. Now you can easily automate lights in your house and even control your home’s blinds with a smartphone app. Turn out the lights in the kitchen, the kids’ rooms, or power down the inflatable Frosty in the front yard with a single tap.

Unplug phantom energy-using appliances when not in use

Energy Star reports that U.S. households spend approximately $100 per year to power devices while they are in a low-power mode, roughly 8 percent of household electricity costs. Unplug those devices to turn low-power mode into no-power mode and start saving immediately. Alternatively, use a power strip as a centralized switch to turn off phantom energy-using appliances and chargers.

Saving all that extra cash will make the new year that much sweeter. Share these easy energy-saving tips with family and friends, and contact BriteBox to start saving today!

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