Security Considerations When Moving to a New Home


Congratulations, you’ve purchased your new home! We know how it is an exciting time for you and your family, but before you start organizing the move and deciding on paint colors, you need to consider your new home’s safety from the first time you cross the threshold.

Change Your Locks

Your first priority when moving into a new home should be to change the locks immediately. You have two options: you can rekey the locks, which is to change out the internal workings of the locks to match a new key, or you can replace the lock hardware entirely.

Remember that when you change or rekey your locks, have a spare key made and give it to someone you trust—do not attempt to find a hiding place outside, as someone just might look for that new key at some point.

Tired of keys? Be sure to ask Britebox about remote keyless entry systems. Control access and security from anywhere in the world!

Purchase a Security System

If your home does not already have a security system set up, now’s the time to look into adding one. Britebox offers a variety of systems that can range from a simple alarm to a fully-monitored smart system. Britebox leverages the latest technology to deliver customized alerts via text, push notification, or by phone. These alerts can be configured for different events such as the kids coming home from school, a package on your front porch or an open exterior door. Speak with a security expert at BriteBox to decide what is best for your home, family, and lifestyle.

Secure Your Doors

When doing the walkthrough before moving in, make sure you check all the doors that lead outside, not just your front door. Check not only that the door is solid and in good shape and also check the door frame. Look at the home the way a criminal would. Can someone reach through the mail slot and unlock the door? What about windows in the door— can they be easily broken so someone can unlock the door? If there are issues, you may need to change some doors before changing or rekeying your locks.

Add Remote Video

Whenever you go on vacation, you feel that intense twinge of fear- what’s going on at my house right now? You wish you could allay your concerns by checking the exterior for open windows or doors left ajar. Thankfully, Britebox offers solutions that allow you to view HD video of your home from anywhere in the world through a secure connection on your phone or computer. You can remotely control the tilt and pan of the camera to be able to see the whole room or area. The system even allows you to record the stream to view later.

Hang Up Window Treatments

After you’ve started to unpack your boxes, make sure you prioritize the box with all your window treatments, or schedule a trip to purchase new ones within a couple of days of your move. Not only will hanging window treatments in your new home help you feel more comfortable, thanks to the privacy they provide, but it also acts as a way to block nosy neighbors and others from peeking inside to see what valuables you might have. If you need to take some time to purchase new curtains or shades, hang makeshift curtains.

Secure the Garage Door

Most likely, you’ve stored everything from the move in your new garage. If your garage is full of furniture and boxes, make sure you do not leave your garage door open too long so prying eyes aren’t allowed to take inventory of what you have in your home. Previous homeowners and realtors might have an additional remote or remember the keypad code, giving them easy access to your stuff. So, reprogram your garage door’s remote controls and keypad within the first day or two. Also, consider adding your garage door to your home automation. BriteBox offers a service that allows you to close your garage door remotely from any web-enabled device.

Taking these initial steps as part of your moving process will help your family have a safer, more comfortable experience as you enjoy your first month in your exciting new home.

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