Simplify Your Life with Home Automation


We’re all busy. Between work, family, and friends, it’s a struggle to keep up with everything. While we can’t help you with that difficult co-worker or your demanding teenager, we can reduce your overall stress level by setting you up with home automation.

Home automation is not just for tech geeks and the wealthy anymore. Everyone can benefit from the added convenience and peace of mind that home automation provides. Today’s technology is less expensive and simpler to install. It also offers homeowners a lot more value by connecting various systems and appliances within your home for easy, centralized control. From your phone, computer, or tablet, you can take control of your home in new ways.

Imagine this:

  • Wake up naturally to gradually increasing light or your favourite playlist. Your coffee is ready and waiting for you. Listen to music anywhere in your home as you get ready for work.
  • At the end of the day, you can lock your doors, turn off lights, lower blinds, shut your garage door, and arm your security system – all while lying down in bed and pushing one button.
  • Kids forget their key again? It’s easy to open the door for them while you’re still at work. You can also receive a video text when your kids get home safely from school. Then you can reset the security system and check in on a live video stream whenever you want for peace of mind. Sensors tell you when kids have entered potentially dangerous areas such as pools or opened drawers they aren’t supposed to.
  • Forget multiple remotes. Push one button to turn on all your devices. Have your lights automatically dim when the movie starts!
  • Receive reminders for things you commonly forget to do by setting up what’s called “triggers” and a schedule. For example, if you often forget to set your alarm when heading out the door in the morning, the system will check for an unarmed security system (trigger) each weekday morning (schedule) and will alert you if you forgot.
  • Surprise guest or delivery? No problem. You can answer your doorbell from anywhere. You can also open garage doors, unlock doors, and turn off the alarm.
  • Save money on your energy bill by automatically lowering your air conditioner or furnace when you’re away – only to bring it back to the perfect temperature before you arrive at home. You can also turn off lights when you’re gone and monitor how much energy your appliances are using.
  • Stop arguing about who left the light on by using motion sensors to turn lights on when someone enters a room and off when they leave.
  • Prevent water damage because you’re notified of leaks or unusual water usage immediately and can shut off water until it’s fixed.
  • Keep your home safe and sound – even when you’re out of town – by managing security, fire and carbon monoxide detection, and sprinkler systems remotely. Security cameras allow you to check for packages on the porch or view unexpected visitors.

With a long list of benefits and our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals to guide you, who wouldn’t want what home automation has to offer? We create custom systems to meet every need and price point. Schedule a free in-home estimate with our team, and learn what home automation can do for you.

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