Switch to LEDs to Save Money and Time

Switching to LED light bulbs is the only choice you should be making when replacing your old burnt-out incandescent light bulbs. Not only will you be saving money (in the mid- to long-term), but you’ll also reduce irritations like standing on a chair or getting on a ladder to reach that burnt-out bulb you swear you changed a few months ago. LED’s are built to last.

LED light bulbs are certainly more expensive initially. But the savings from reduced energy use during the life of the bulb will make you really happy. Also, keep in mind that an LED bulb may last as long as 15 incandescent ones. That’s easy math to do the next time you’re browsing the light bulb section at the home improvement store (without even figuring the energy savings into the equation).

Remember the last time you touched a “regular” light bulb that had recently been on? Ouch. Unlike regular bulbs, when you touch an LED, there won’t be a need for any first aid. LEDs keep your home cooler because they don’t throw off excessive heat in the form of wasted energy.

Here are some handy energy calculators that will show you how much money you will be saving when you make the switch to LED lighting in your home. According to the calculator, if you replace just one 60-watt bulb with an average life of 1,000 hours, with a 9-watt, LED bulb with an average life of 15,000 hours, you will save $82 by the time you have to replace the bulb again. Multiply that by the number of lights you have in your home and the extra upfront cost of LED’s start to make sense.

You will also have saved time by not having to change your old-fashioned light bulb 15 times. Hey! Win-Win!

Please don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish: Replace your incandescent energy hogs with LED light bulbs and save your time and money for the important things in life, such as automating your home (which also saves you time and money).

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