Transform Your Nursery Into A Smart Nursery With These 4 Smart Home Products


Smart home products can make your life easier. And nowhere is that more apparent than when you have little ones. Here are 4 smart home products that will make your life as a parent better and give you some much-needed peace of mind about your child’s safety.

Smart security camera/monitor

As of this writing, video monitors are among the top 20 baby products most wished for on Amazon and come in at #1 and #3 for the most wished for baby security products.

And for good reason. A video monitor lets you check on your baby without waking them.

But why buy a product like a baby video monitor that can really only be used for one thing? Get a smart home security camera that integrates with the rest of your home security and automation system, instead.

A smart security video camera that can be used as a baby video monitor

With a smart security camera, you can check in on your little one from any phone, tablet or computer rather than carrying around the video screen for your monitor. Plus, when your child is older, you can reuse the camera as a security camera elsewhere in your home.

Smart thermostat and temperature sensor

According to experts, overheating may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies 1 month to 1 year of age. They recommend that the temperature in a nursery be kept between 68–72°F.

But most nurseries don’t have their own thermostat.

A temperature sensor can change that. It’s a small device that is installed on a wall and reads the temperature of a room and communicates wirelessly with your thermostat. By installing it in the nursery, you can use the temperature sensor to keep your nursery at the perfect temperature for bedtime and naptime.

A smart thermostat (left) and temperature sensor (right).

In order to use a temperature sensor, you may need to upgrade to a smart thermostat that is compatible with the sensor.

Smart night lights

You can connect a small light to a motion sensor and create your very own motion-sensitive night light.

This will help you avoid running into things when you have to visit the nursery in the middle of the night. And when your child is older, it can serve as their nightlight should they need to get up to use the bathroom while it’s still dark.

Contact sensor

As your baby grows into a toddler, you may want to know when they are getting up.

A contact sensor can do that by alerting you to an open nursery door.

Contact sensors are two pieces. One is installed on the door itself while the other is installed next to it on the jamb. When the door is opened and the pieces are separated, the sensor signals ‘open’ to your security system.

In addition to the nursery door, you can put contact sensors on front and back doors, the pool gate, kitchen cabinets or anything else that you want to send you an alert when it’s opened.

Make your nursery a smart nursery

Want to transform your nursery into a smart nursery? BriteBox can help. Contact us today.

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