Why Your Business Needs Smart Automation


You have likely heard of smart home solutions, but what about smart office solutions? These days, you can control almost everything in your office with a smart automation system. Smart automation saves valuable time, and not just at home. Businesses rely on smart solutions to get ahead, which makes smart automation a perfect fit. Find out why your business needs smart automation. (Hint: it’ll save you time, money, and energy)

Get Smart With Smart Automation

Smart automation can automate everyday tasks using schedules and triggers. These are just a few ways you can put your business on autopilot:

  • Control music anywhere in your office (like the lobby, waiting rooms, and offices)
  • Automatically raise/lower your blinds (very helpful during early morning meetings!)
  • Program your office lighting, and turn lights on or off with a single tap
  • Control smart appliances, like the beloved office coffee maker. Hot, fresh coffee in the breakroom when you hit the door!
  • Automate your thermostat for efficient temperature control.
  • Monitor water flow and shut off water easily in an emergency.
  • Easy access to security video and alarm systems. (See more below)

Secure Solutions For Your Business

After you’ve put in a hard day’s work, smart office automation lets you relax knowing your office is safe and secure once you leave. Keep inventory and equipment safe and secure with a custom-designed security system from BriteBox Electrical. Smart office security systems can:

  • Connect motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and automated door locks
  • Monitor your business inside and out by watching live video on your device
  • Lock/unlock doors remotely
  • Arm/disarm security system
  • Turn lights on/off

You’ll also get custom alerts sent right to your phone. If a door was left unlocked, a package was left at your door, or something triggers an alarm, you’ll get a push notification, ensuring you’re in charge of the security of your business at all times. To keep your business even more secure, check out these helpful tips from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Taking a few steps to automate and secure your business will give you more time to focus on what really matters: making a profit, serving your customers, and growing your business. Get a FREE estimate on a custom-designed smart office from the experts at BriteBox Electrical. Contact us today!

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