Throw The Ultimate Game-Day Party


Break out the jerseys and crack open a beer, because football season is finally here!

You’ll need plenty of tasty food and drinks, some awesome team decorations and, most importantly, the perfect TV and speaker set up. Be prepared to host the ultimate game-day party inside or outside on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and the occasional Thursday night with help from BriteBox.

Food and Drinks

You can’t watch football without food! Instead of the usual football fare, why not try a new feast, like the Fried Chicken Nachos they serve up at STATS sports bar. This must-have messy meal is made with buttermilk fried chicken, sweet heat peach BBQ sauce and spicy Jack cheese sauce. It’s sure to jack up your game day party.

Speaking of Jack, you need drinks…and I’m not just talking soda. Get some Sweetwater 420 beer or some American Spirit Whiskey for your guests to sip on (or gulp) during the Falcon’s game.

If you’re watching the University of Georgia game, whip up The Georgia Bulldog Cocktail for your spectators. Just pour some vanilla vodka, peach schnapps and Coke over ice, and you’re ready to go!

For some more fan-favorite football foods and drinks, check out these recipes for all 32 NFL teams from the Food Network. And if you need some drink ideas for those college games, try some of these game-day cocktails made for your favorite college team.


Did someone say inflatable chairs?! If you need more seating, forget the folding chairs and the floor and get some inflatable furniture or bean bag chairs. Your guests can pass out into their food-induced coma comfortably sitting in their state-of-the-art inflatable chair instead of on the floor in everyone’s way.

If you’re watching it outside on your outdoor TV, go into full-on tailgate mode right on your patio! Break out the folding chairs (or maybe those inflatable ones from inside!), pool floats or just a nice patch of grass (or deck) and cheer on your team.

TV Setup

The next best thing to being at the game is watching it in high-def in the comfort of your living room. Your TV and your surround sound set up is the most important part of any game-day celebration.

4K TVs are some of the best TVs on the market right now. They have four times the pixels than standard TVs, meaning the picture is four times better. You’ll be able to see every pass, every sack and every grass stain on the linebacker’s jersey with the HD color and display on a 4K TV.

As for the surround sound, speaker placement is key. Make sure your speakers are at ear-level when seated, which is about 30” to 50” off the ground. You can also pull your speakers out from against the wall and out of cabinets to insure you’re getting the best high-quality sound. You’ll be able to hear every hit and every play called by the quarterback with precise speaker placement.

If you prefer to watch the game outside, then an outdoor TV is the way to go. Outdoor TVs can withstand the heat, cold, rain and whatever else Mother Nature throws at them. You can choose from LED/LCD or 4K models, both with anti-glare features, so you can watch the game in any light. As for sound, most outdoor TVs come with an external speaker bar that is louder and clearer than indoor speakers. You won’t miss a second of the game with the anti-glare screens and clear sound of an outdoor TV setup.

Talk to a TV Installation Pro in Atlanta

For all your TV and home entertainment needs this football season, BriteBox is here to help. Schedule your free in-home estimate with us today and see how you can prepare to throw the ultimate game-day party this season. You handle the food and drinks, and we’ll handle the rest.

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