Killer TV Settings For Scary Movies


Halloween is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: it’s scary movie season!

There is nothing quite like turning on the television, curling up on your couch, dimming the lights, and watching a scary movie in the comfort of your living room.

But if you think it is just as easy as simply pressing play, then you are seriously selling your television short.


Because there are several ways that you can adjust the settings on your television to give you a higher quality picture and richer (and spookier) sound quality.

So, before you slip in that haunting, horror film, adjust these settings and get scared in style.

Excellent video settings

The beauty of modern day televisions is that you can calibrate your television with settings for just about everything you watch, from games to sports and yes, even movies. Try these video modes to increase your viewing pleasure.

Movie mode

That’s right! You actually have a setting on your television made specifically for creating a theater-worthy experience with the clearest colors and the rich depth that you expect when watching a million dollar film. Just switch your viewing option to the “Movie mode".

This setting is ideal for darker environments and pairs well with a darker room (which is necessary for watching a horror film). The movie setting is fun because it was designed to present the image in the look that the director intended viewers to see.

Advanced settings

There are also some nifty settings hidden in the advanced settings section of your set. One that could be particularly useful is the “Black Tone” setting, which allows you to darken the shadows on a particular film.

This is definitely a good choice for those films that feature dark forests or attics!

Surreal audio settings

Sometimes what we hear in a horror film can sometimes be scarier than what we see. All of those creaks, moans and screams can be downright frightening. So, let’s tweak your speakers to enhance your listening experience.

Set your sound to the external speaker

Chances are, if you already enjoy watching movies in a theater-like atmosphere, then you probably have at least a few external speakers throughout the room. If this is you, take advantage and ensure that your “External Speaker” is selected via your speaker settings.

Your television’s default speakers just don’t have the necessary oomph that your film deserves, and you will need that boost when the masked maniac jumps on screen!

Movie sound mode

Your TV should have movie modes in both the picture and audio menus. Choose the “Movie” option in your sound menu to enhance the audio to a level close to what you would hear inside an expensive movie theater.

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