Your Home Deserves Better Outdoor Lighting


Winter is coming to an end and spring is rolling in with warmer temperatures. One of the great things about living in Atlanta is the climate that invites people to spend time outside, even late into the evening. Commit to an outdoor lighting upgrade this spring to give your home a nice face-lift and provide a safe environment once the sun goes down. So, what kind of landscape lighting should you consider? Here are some suggestions.

Pathway Lighting

A well-lit pathway doesn’t just enhance the look of your property, it’s also a safety feature for anyone who uses it. Investing in LED path lighting along the primary walkway to your home can help you and your guests avoid stubbed toes and tripping. If you have a walkway that leads to different areas of your backyard, you should have path lighting there as well–especially if you’re using those areas throughout the warmer months of the year.

Up Lighting

Up lighting refers to lights that are positioned on the ground and pointed up along the sides of your home or other structures on your property. The primary purpose of this lighting feature is to add ambiance and to create a more dramatic outdoor atmosphere at night. An added bonus is the indirect lighting effect this has on your surrounding property.

Motion-Sensor Activated Lighting

Motion sensors are ideal for lighting areas around your home that often see foot traffic, like the path between an unattached garage and your house or above doors and entrances. Thanks to the convenience of the motion sensors, you won’t have to worry about turning lights on and off when you travel through these areas. The light will automatically turn on to guide you inside. Plus, they can warn you when someone is coming to visit you, or an intruder enters your property.


When you want a lot of light in one concentrated area, floodlights are the perfect option. Whether they’re motion-sensors or not, floodlights leave nothing in the dark. If you’re trying to figure out what wild creature is eating your favorite perennials, you might want to light up your garden or yard with floodlights. A floodlight on your garage can also create a safer path for family members who come home after dark.

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