Got Back-To-School Stress? How Home Automation Helps…


Every parent knows that back-to-school season comes with 2 parts relief and 1 part dread.

On one hand, you’ve survived the summer and you’re ready to get the kids back in school during the weekdays.

On the other hand, you’re not looking forward to the kids whining about early mornings and homework. And don’t forget having to plan after-school activities and dinner plans.

Here’s the good news: home automation helps you get through the day, from the moment the kids wake up until they head to bed.

Let’s take a look at how you can master the first days back to school with a little help from home automation…

Waking the kids up is easy…

It’s here. That groggy, first early morning back to school after 3 months of sleeping in.

You’re not looking forward to it and neither are your kids. You wake up and head to the kids’ rooms expecting a tug-of-war with a pile of whiney, burrito-rolled sheets.

Instead, you find the kids already up, wide awake and getting dressed.


Because you took advantage of your home automation and scheduled the lights and music to come on at 6 am.

The combination of bright lights and upbeat music encouraged them to get out of bed…without any “help” from you.

Note: Don’t forget all the other cool things you can do with a home automation system, like make an automatic cup of coffee for yourself.

Kids stay safe while they’re home alone

So, the kids got to school 10 minutes early (thanks to the automated lights and music), you head to work and the rest of the day runs smoothly.

Until your boss pulls his infamous, last-minute schedule change and you find yourself stuck in a meeting a few hours later than you anticipated.

Which means the kids are now stuck outside your house without a key and without an adult.

But hey, no problem.

You get the text that they’ve arrived, you disarm the security system, unlock the doors and let them in. All from your phone.

You text the kids to sit tight for an hour or so until you get home. And you have complete peace of mind about their safety because you’ve set the security system to “stay” and locked the doors.

Again, all from your phone.

Homework time…without the whining

Think your day can’t get any smoother?

You come home to find the kids sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework.

Why? Because you used your home automated video monitoring services to keep an eye on the kids. You caught them lounging in front of the television and texted them to finish their homework first.

Then you turned the lights off in the living room and turned them on in the kitchen (their normal homework spot).

So instead of them being glued to the television until dinnertime, their attention is easily turned toward school assignments, doing homework time a breeze.

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Prep the kids for an uneventful bedtime

After dinner, you give the kids about an hour of tv and game time. As bedtime arrives, you anticipate a lengthy round of pleading from the kids, but it comes and goes smoothly thanks to your home automation system.

The lights turn off in the living room and the kids (bored at this point) head upstairs and get ready for bed.

Around 10:00 pm the lights in the kid’s rooms turn off automatically and they’re in bed sleeping before you know it.

Go back to school stress-free with home automation

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