Energy saving LED lamp in the hands of the buyer at the store

Switch to LED to Save Money and Time

Switching to LED light bulbs is the only choice you should be making when replacing your old burnt-out incandescent light bulbs. Not only will you be saving money (in the mid- to long-term), you’ll…

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A toddler reaching for an electrical outlet.

How to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

Let’s face it: Children get into things they shouldn’t. Whether you’re getting ready for your first child or preparing for little visitors, you need to childproof your home. Since outlets are low to the…

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Backup Home Generator at an Atlanta home

How Does a Backup Home Generator Work?

For homeowners, the effects of power outages can range from an annoying inconvenience to a life-threatening issue. No matter the reason for wanting a backup home generator, it’s helpful and important to understand how…

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How a Backup Generator Can Protect You and Your Family

Picture this: A huge storm rolls through town. The power flickers, and then fails. Now what? Hours pass and it’s not clear when the power will return. This is exactly the moment you’ll be…

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Make sure you're prepared for summer power outages with these tips from BriteBox.

5 Ways to Get Ready for Summer Power Outages

Summer storms always seem to spring out of nowhere. Even worse than a surprise storm is the surprise power outages they can sometimes cause. Thankfully, with the right kind of preparation, you could save…

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Employee Spotlight: Chris Downey

At BriteBox Electrical Services, we take pride in employing the top talent when it comes to technical training and customer service. Our Employee Spotlights showcase these awesome team members and give a behind-the-scenes look…

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5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

  Did you know there are easy ways to keep your electric bill under control? With the rising costs of electricity and an increase in home appliances and electronics, it’s time to evaluate your…

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5 Tips and Tricks for Electrical Safety

How safe is your home electrical system? According to ESFi, 51,000 fires every year are caused by electrical problems. Thankfully, there are things you can do to increase the electrical safety in your home…

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How to Tell When It’s Time for an Electrical Inspection

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, fire departments across the nation respond to a total of 25,900 home fires every year caused by electrical issues. The total cost of property loss because of electrical…

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Using Smart Home Technology to Help Spring Allergies

Allergy season is in full swing here in Atlanta. This means pollen and other seasonal spring allergens are likely making the allergy sufferers in your family pretty miserable. If you already use smart home…

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